• What is a torque wrench?

    Several instruments are indispensable for the manufacture of certain objects or apparatus in technology and mechanics. Screws and nuts are very important objects used to tighten the different parts of an object and keep them compact. Torque wrenches are used to tighten nuts and bolts automatically and securely.

    What is Torque Wrench


    Torque wrenches are very useful and serve many purposes. It is important to learn about these uses to be able to use them easily and facilitate the execution of certain tasks.


    Role of the torque wrench

    The torque wrench is a very important object whose main role is to ensure a good assembly of different parts and different components of a device. Putting the screws or bolts of a device requires enough attention, because an error in this area can have bad consequences. We risk seeing the bolts fall if the pressures are not enough. When, on the contrary, it is excessive, it can damage or deform parts and alter their operation.


    This key with a tightening torque allows to automatically tighten screws and bolts automatically and precisely. It avoids a defect of construction at this level. It saves a lot of time when you have to tighten several screws.


    What is Torque Wrench

    It is important to note that there are two main types of torque wrench: triggering torque wrenches and direct reading wrenches. The trigger wrenches operate to tighten a screw until the torque value is reached. This is the most automatic torque wrench model. The direct-reading key, on the other hand, displays the current value progressively. It is therefore more manual, but still effective.It is good to pick the best torque wrench on the market.


    Operation of the torque wrench

    The torque wrench has a fairly simple mode of operation. We tend to believe that it requires protocols, but once we have mastered the principle, its use becomes simple. Being a precision device, before any measurement, it is first necessary to ensure a calibration on good values.


    To use a torque wrench, start by placing the wrench on the bolt or screw. This will ensure that the end of the key holds the screw before applying pressure. Once the key is placed, you can begin to gradually apply pressure to the key to turn. A dial tells you the value of the progressive torque. With the value of the previously known tightening torque, you can stop without fear of doing wrong.


    For torque wrenches, you first insert the tightening torque value of the screw or nut. The pressure is applied gradually and as soon as the indicated value is reached, a signaling mechanism is triggered. This process can be vibrations or even music. Following this signal, it is necessary to stop and your screwing will be complete.


    It is important after each use to reset the values.

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